Tuesday, March 22, 2011

it's hard to write on narcotics

so this is going to be really short. longer post about my latest adventure at the hospital later.

thursday morning, white cells practically non-existent and platelets plunged as well. thursday night, spiked a fever. 102. made my way to ER as is standard procedure.

blood cultures, antibiotics of many stripes, chest x-ray, viral swab, etc., etc., etc. somewhere in there I start to realize my mouth is starting to hurt like a bitch. ask for advil. platelets make docs say no; pain gets worse; I get narcotics instead.

cycle through chills and fever until Saturday. mouth pain gets progressively worse. I have oral mucositis, which is a deceptively friendly sounding term for mouth sores and inflammation turning your mouth into an abyss of pain. Eating got progressively harder; mostly liquid diet right now until chewing becomes easier. 

long story short, nasty little episode with pain team, eventually get a PCA (look it up please), pain is much more controlled.

counts still not going anywhere. had to give me blood today because hemoglobin dropped again and I'm having anomalous cardiac symptoms (aka weird heartbeat issues but my heart has been worked up twice in a week and every cardiologist ever says I'm fine) which might just be because anemia like the last time with the shortness of breath. which I never got to blogging about since I was readmitted two days later. fml.

did some art therapy! watercolors! watched NCAA and movies.

this probably sounds miserable and cranky and etc but I've been fighting drug induced sleep this whole time to make these sentences. pain is better controlled and I think my mouth improved but more updates tomorrow. letting drugs win now love you all.

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