Saturday, July 16, 2011


So many stray and scattered thoughts. It's a struggle to collect enough to put together a coherent post. I really must remember to update before chemo, this attention-span-of-a-gnat thing makes this entirely more difficult than necessary.

My platelets dragged their feet before finally doubling up over last weekend. So I started the topotecan on Tuesday, and received one-hour doses for five days. That would be until today, for those who hate a bit of math on the weekends. I now get two days off. Rinse and repeat, basically.

As for side effects, not so bad. Tiredness, of course. But the only real nausea I had was the first day, and I'm now convinced that was mostly a psychological  response to chemo. It just took my mind a day or so to catch up with my body and realize that I wasn't in fact nauseous. 

There's obviously that attention span problem. For example, I just spent the last 40 minutes getting completely distracted by joining Google+. +1 my blog posts guys, I want to be cool.

Anyhow, the point is the only day that presented any real difficulty was yesterday, but that's because during chemo I got walloped with a migraine. I subsequently spent so much of the day I never left my pajamas. Hate when that happens. I have too many summer clothes and not enough summer days to wear them, I can't just skip out on a cute outfit like that. /shallow

I feel like this is the point where I should talk about how I'm really doing, but that would require more introspection than I'm up for just this second. So let's just say that a) the brain can be a really inconvenient thing sometimes and b) there's been more good than bad.

I've been thinking about sharing a little more often on here, smaller posts like pictures and short updates on things I did, that sort of thing. Like, you know, a proper blog. That'd just be for the people who check in more regularly, and I'd only post the links to heavier, longer entries on Facebook (and Google+, obvs). While my life does feature an awful lot about cancer, it's not entirely cancercancercancer, you know? And I'm thinking it might be nice to share those parts too. Whether you guys are actually interested is another story entirely, but you'll just have to put up with me.


  1. Wishing you the best with the chemo. Keep us all updated on how you are doing. Wishing you the best! Pete F.

  2. Hey Katie, I just returned from the Kucera family reunion and learned alot about perseverance and obstacles and being a survivor. The Kucera genes are strong and they also seem to attract trouble. Let's talk on the phone.
    Aunt Diane from Florida

  3. Katie, Glad to hear you are doing well- all things considered. I love your attitude and perspective. Hang in there!