Friday, July 22, 2011


Oh hi Children's Memorial Hospital. You know what just seems cruel? I mean, other than the fact that I am back here once again, this time for platelets. That the day hospital, where I go for infusions, is named after the Chicago White Sox.

Also, I may be a Cubs fan but the next Red Sox fan who tells me the White Sox "are not the Sox" is getting punched in the face. Fair warning.

Many of you have assumed that the need for blood/platelets means that my chemo treatment is getting delayed. Au contraire, friends, I just get the blood and platelets after my dose of chemo. This course ends tomorrow, though, so the end is in sight.

Ever wonder how I got the name for this blog? It's from a Jack's Mannequin song, "There, There Katie" which Andrew McMahon, the band's lead singer, wrote for his sister. McMahon was diagnosed with leukemia at age 22, and his sister Katie provided the stem cells for his transplant. It is a rather sad song to have feature one's name, but it is strikingly appropriate. It always makes me think of my brother, not only because he was the first to send it to me but because at its heart it is a song about the bond between brother and sister in difficult times. The particular line I used goes, "Katie, Katie I'm sorry that in your condition the sunshine's been missing, but Katie, don't believe that it isn't there."

Apparently Barney is still on television. I think he's even creepier than he was in the 90s. And yes, he still sings that freaking song.

However, I'll take Barney any day over the Disney and Nick atrocities the older kids prefer. And trust me, so would you.

I have run out of interesting things to say. Enjoy your weekends, everyone.

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  1. Joan gave me the link to your blog, and I find it wonderful: thoughtful, honest, articulate and real. Re bald, my friend Sandi (author of Cancer Bitch) hennaed her head with "U.S. Out of Iraq" when she was bald. She definitely got noticed!