Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day +8

This blogging thing has really not worked out so well for me in here, has it? This is going to be a very short update, because I've tried more ambitious ones a half-dozen times with no success.

It's Day +8, meaning it's day 8 since I was infused with my stem cells. That's how we count around these parts.

I'm alive, feeling mostly decent, had some very rough spots but mostly it's gone better than I expected. Isolation's really not so bad, I keep myself entertained with relative ease. New MacBook Pro (!) helps quite a bit.

On pain meds for mucositis pain, so I'm a little bit woozy and I spend much time sleeping. But the pain's nice and under control, so that's what matters, right?

My counts may actually be starting to rebound already, I have to have more than one day in a row for us to rule out a fluke but the docs are optimistic that the boost we saw this morning is the real thing. It's pretty early for this to happen, so if it's true I'm pretty darn excited, since it means my recovery and exit times will both be on the shorter side. I could be out here for my R&R at home before the next transplant fairly soon. Plus, the higher my counts go the better I feel, which, you know, good!

I'm going to cut myself off now so you actually have a chance of seeing this published. I'll try to update again before I leave the hospital, but obviously, I make no promises. Just know that all things considered, I'm doing okay. And don't be afraid to gchat/skype with me! I won't leave them open if I'm not up for a little chatting.

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