Saturday, September 10, 2011

Go cells go

I received some very good news this morning, which is that my ANC is above 500! The ANC (absolute neutrophil count) refers to a specific type of infection-fighting white blood cell. Any number under 500 is neutropenic, which means a high risk of infection. Anything above 500 decreases the concern about infections. So while my immune system is still compromised (I'm sort of like an unvaccinated infant right now), it's now safe for me to:

a) leave the room wearing a mask to walk around the floor
b) start taking less antibiotics and other infection-preventing meds
c) begin the process to get me out here to home!

It's still going to be a few days, but the focus is now on preparing me to leave, and that's really exciting!

Not to mention, each day my counts have climbed I have felt better! My mouth healed very quickly, so much so that it's nearly normal today. Other issues are resolving at a more sedate pace, but overall every day brings with it less and less problems and pain.

This is probably by far the most cheerful post ever to this blog. Getting the news this morning has put me in an extremely good mood and I wanted to share with everyone while I'm still excited. Let's hope the next post is about going home.


  1. Awesome news!!! Sounds like you will be home in no time :)

  2. Keep Praying. With God All Things are possible.

  3. I said a prayer for you today
    And know God must have heard.
    I felt the answer in my heart
    Although He spoke not a word.

    I didn’t ask for wealth or fame
    (I knew you wouldn’t mind).
    I asked for priceless treasure rare
    Of a more lasting kind.

    I prayed that He’d be near you
    At the start of each new day
    To grant you health and blessings fair,
    And friends to share your way.

    I asked for happiness for you
    In all things great and small
    But that you’d know his loving care
    I prayed the most of all.

    Written by: Margaret Gould ©